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Our mission is to promote individual peace of mind, compassion for all beings, spiritual growth, and an ethical way of life based on Buddhist principles.

Through loving kindness meditation and the development of mindfulness, we strive to enlighten individuals as to the cause of suffering, the path leading to the cessation of suffering, and an understanding of the true nature of our existence. Learn More...

Chill with Chants

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Chill With Chants

Buddhist Monks from the Blue Lotus Temple provide chants of blessing and compassion. This is a great companion to your meditation sessions. The first track is an introduction to Buddhist chanting in which Venerable Sujatha Peradeniye eloquently explains the significance of chanting in Buddhist practice. While he is primarily talking about chanting, he actually reveals many of the deeper points of Buddhism overall.

Putting out the Fires in Your Mind

Price: $15.00 (plus shipping)

Shipping to USA & Canada + $2.50
Shipping everywhere else + $4.00

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Putting Out the Fires in Your Mind

“I am writing to let you know that I have completed this CD specifically for you. It will, I hope, encourage you to expand your personal practice and realize the deep impact meditation provides as a tool of healing. This CD demonstrates meditation as a practical tool in your life to help you reach your spiritual potential as human beings. It also clarifies the role of meditation within the full scope of Bahavana as it relates to Buddhism.

This CD also includes two fully guided meditations. The first is a 15 minute Loving Kindness Meditation and that is followed by a longer (About 40 minutes) Mindfulness Meditation. Together, these meditations will take you a long way on the journey towards a clear and peaceful mind that can escape the angry fires caused by ego.”
— Bhante Sujatha


  1. Introduction to Meditation (14:56)
  2. Loving Kindness Meditation (15:30)
  3. Mindfulness Meditation (38:23)

Price: $15.00 (plus shipping)

Shipping to USA & Canada + $2.50
Shipping everywhere else + $4.00

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Driving with Bhante

Besides being a venerable and well studies monk, Bhante Sujatha is also a human being like you. He has to drive a car and take care of errands just like you do. He has to deal with the same situations and traffic that seems to turn many of us into angry monsters.

Driving With Bhante offers a unique perspective to a situation which many regard as one of the most challenging tests of our ability to act with reason and compassion. This CD offers philosophies and techniques which will help you to shift the driving perspective from a place of confrontation fueled by ego, to an opportunity for the practice of loving kindness. Replace the ego with the calm observer who views the joy of humanity in motion as we all try to arrive safely in Nirvana.

Enjoy a bonus track of Julie Gibson performing “Candle”, a song of peace by Micheal Fronczak.


  1. Driving With Bhante (14:58)
  2. Chanting (3:44)
  3. Candle (2:38

Price: $15.00 (plus shipping)

Shipping to USA & Canada + $2.50
Shipping everywhere else + $4.00

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Finding Happiness In The Western World

Bhante Saranapala, born in Bangladesh and now the Buddhist Chaplain to the University of Toronto, lectures to the Western World as he presents a Buddhist perspective on finding happiness amid the demands of our excessively materialistic and demanding Western lifestyle. This lecture was given in Woodstock, Illinois and offers practical advice in a friendly and loving Dharma Talk. Sponsored by the Blue Lotus Temple.

Length: About 60 minutes


Heart Offerings: Yoga Instructional Audio CD

Written by Nancy May R.Y.T. and owner of Yoga From The Heart studio in St. Charles, IL.
Guitar Performed by Laura Knight M.M. B./M.

This 64 minute audio instructional CD is a wonderful companion for anyone who has attended a basic yoga class and is designed to enhance your current yoga practice. Instructions are clear and simple with 9 basic asanas (including sun salutations) and a 15 minute resting pose to complete your practice.

Very useful for beginners and even for long-time yogis/yoginis. Nancy’s soothing voice accompanied by Laura’s classical guitar unites your body, mind and soul.


  1. Welcome/My Wish for You
  2. Alternate Nostril Breathing
  3. Cross Legged Twist and Cat/Cow
  4. Downward-Facing Dog
  5. Forward Bend
  6. Step Back Series Sun Salutations and Tree Pose
  7. Warrior II and Side Angle Stretch left/right
  8. Boat Pose
  9. Seated Forward Bend
  10. Bridge Pose and Passive Reclining Twist
  11. Corpse Pose

For more information contact Nancy at Nancym1121@sbcglobal.net, or to purchase, visit the Yoga From the Heart online shop/store here.

Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple

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