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Our mission is to promote individual peace of mind, compassion for all beings, spiritual growth, and an ethical way of life based on Buddhist principles.

Through loving kindness meditation and the development of mindfulness, we strive to enlighten individuals as to the cause of suffering, the path leading to the cessation of suffering, and an understanding of the true nature of our existence. Learn More...

Podcast #131: Removing the “ism” from Buddhism


Bhante Sujatha

Bhante Sujatha welcomes the students from Cristo Rey St. Martin Prep School, and discusses dropping all separation and dogmas.

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Podcast #131: Removing the “ism” from Buddhism
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Thoughts (6)

  • Ken King says:

    I am so glad I found this website. I am interested in Buddhism because I came to mindfulness through recovery and hope the teachings can help me live a happier life. Traditional religion has failed me since I cannot believe in an invisible sky monster. I can’t tell from reading the bible if the Christian god wants to save me or stone me to death. Some of the ideas I came across when investigating Buddhism (such as the idea that god exists only inside myself) are very similar to my own explanation of a “god of my understanding”. I’m also very tired of the looks of either pity or contempt when I describe myself as an atheist. As an added bonus, your temple is close by, so I might actually pay a visit sometime!

    • Bhante says:

      Dear Ken:
      Thank you for your comment. I encourage you to pay a visit to the Blue Lotus Temple anytime. I extend to you a personal invitation to come to our meditation classes, and to any activity at the Temple that may interest you. You are most welcome. If you came to mindfulness awareness through your recovery, perhaps you know the book The Zen of Recovery by Mel Ash. Zen of Recovery was the first book to offer a viable Eastern-wisdom- based recovery alternative to the patriarchal and God-based methods of many 12-step recovery programs. Many have found its methods and message to be successful in their own steps to recovery.
      I hope to see you when you come for a visit to our Temple. May you be well, happy, and peaceful. with Metta, Bhante

    • Diane says:


      I am also in recovery and find I am more Spiritual than Religious. The beliefs/concepts at the Blue Lotus make more sense to me than anything ever in my life. My journey just began at the Blue Lotus last week and I feel like I am on a honeymoon.

    • Ken says:

      I have not been to temple yet. I am an atheist and find the spiritual side of recovery the most difficult to get my mind around. Living in the present moment seems to be the simplest thing to do and at the same time the most difficult. Meditation is definitely a part of my daily ritual and it helps me stay grounded. I’ve been reading a lot about Buddhism and want to experience it firsthand.

  • Om Sai Ram
    Bhante, Your speech is excellent.
    Love All Serve All.


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