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Our mission is to promote individual peace of mind, compassion for all beings, spiritual growth, and an ethical way of life based on Buddhist principles.

Through loving kindness meditation and the development of mindfulness, we strive to enlighten individuals as to the cause of suffering, the path leading to the cessation of suffering, and an understanding of the true nature of our existence. Learn More...

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Recent News

A Message of Appreciation from Bhante Sujatha

My Dear Friends, Last weekend we had our annual new years blessing to pause and reflect on this last year and to set our intention and bless the upcoming new year. As the monks and I chanted, I looked out into the temple and felt my whole body full of gratitude and deep love for… Read More…

Chanting for blessing and healing

The Monastic Sangha of the Blue Lotus Temple will recite the Ratana Sutta 10,000 times over the course of 50 days in order to use the power of its words to spread health, blessings, and protection to the Temple’s members, visitors, and indeed all living beings. The Ratana Sutta (The Jewels Discourse) is chanted to… Read More…

Loving message from Bhante Sujatha

My dear Blue Lotus Family; Some nights, sleep escapes me and my heart is too heavy as I think of the wounds of this world and how much suffering and struggle that I see everywhere. Because of this, everyday I wake up and ask myself how I can add more love to the world. I’ve… Read More…

“no true spiritual life is possible without a generous heart”

Dear Friends, For all of my life, the teachings of The Buddha have nourished me.  Every day I commit to letting the Dhamma lead me and it never proves me wrong.   When I teach and share around the world, so often I’m teaching about The Buddha…. But today, I have Jesus on my mind…. Read More…


April 15, 2014 As I write this letter to you, I find my heart heavy. I’m not accustomed to this and in many ways it goes against long standing tradition.. however I have taught you all to follow your hearts and trust in the dhamma and so now I must do the same. The Blue… Read More…

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Whether you’re interested in learning more about Buddhism, practicing meditation or would like to speak directly to a monk, we welcome you. Email office@bluelotustemple.org and one of the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple monastics will contact you.

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Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple

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